Monday, March 13, 2017


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Street Dogs and People Heal their Inner Anger in Different Ways

                                       My column can you now read Swedish Tidningen Nara

The insecurity inside of us can make it difficult to balance a direct communication with balanced feelings. Often it is our own egos that put a stop to the unconditional love for ourselves and others. When we understand that it is ourselves that we have to love without criticizing, the fears that pierce our hearts will disappear.
We are created by the Universe and are perfect.

Once again, I read from my notebook. How could a dog be that spiritual deeper than myself, a human?
Immediately I was ashamed over my own thought. Who was I to judge or condemn?
The wise street dog that sat beside me would not be owned by anyone.
His eyes were glittering humbly, and still I was ashamed even more by my previous notion of superiority.
I realized that although his freedom would be short on the streets, he was ok with it. For him the freedom was not to be on anyone's "leash" and moreover, freedom had no sense of time.
Once more, I felt shame over my own faith experiences. The more people (and street dogs) I encounter, I come to realize that it is about how I reacte to other people and animals. It shows who I really am.

There are no suicides among stray dogs.

When you have love for yourselves and for all, no one will be able to destroy you. We stray dogs give each other respect, and respect where we are in our own development.
We see you as lovable people. Your attitude to us animals shows where you are on life's path. When you stop receiving lessons you will be hard-hearted and dare no longer to love anymore. You become judgmental people. An aggressive dog has not been badly treated by life in itself, but by man within that life. An aggressive street dog also knows that it is difficult to survive with aggression, and walks away to be alone and heal itself. While an aggressive man is not only attacking himself, but the entire Universe, the Earth, man and Animals.
Love the Universe with all your heart, mind, and strength. Then you can love your neighbor as yourself. We all come from the same source.

That's Amore!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Inspirational Book Reading Gives (Always) Nutrition to the Children's Soul

Mia är tillbaka som krönikör för Nära! Vi är så glada för detta och hälsar henne varmt välkommen tillbaka! I sin första krönika för i år tar hon upp hur viktigt det är att barn inspireras och känner en passion för det de läser.

Mia is back as a columnist for Nara! We are so happy for this and wishing her warmly back! In her first column this year is she brining up how important it is for children to be inspired and feel a passion for what they are reading.

Tack fina Team Nara <3 span=""> Jag vill passa pa att tacka min fd redaktör Linda Nellfors en underbart duktig tjej med ett stort tålamod och hjärta. Min forsta krönika for i ar och ett nytt samarbete med en ny fin redaktör Emma. Det känns toppen <3 span="">
Kronikan, Inspirerande läsning ger (alltid) näring till barnens sjal hoppas jag att ni läsare finner inspirerande. Har ni några frågor eller funderingar sa längtar jag att fa svara pa dem.
Dela gärna och inspirera vidare.
That's Amore!

Thank you beautiful Team Nara. I want to take the opportunity to thank my former editor Linda Nelfors, an amazing talent girl, with a lot of patience and a big heart. My first column for 2017 am I having a new great talented editor Emma. It feels great!

Please share my message in the column to family, friends, moms and dads. Lets inspire!

That's Amore!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Am I glad the Christmas holiday is over! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. Being home without family and all Friends are busy the days becomes so long. I love my routines.

The kids got bored a lot, and I cannot blame them, the last days were boring. We went and ice skate and that was cold but fun. I left a little earlier to the cafe next door and had a wonderful cup of glue wine My beloved book in my bag. It was the best last day of the Holiday.
Meanwhile back home, we finally also got the carpenter to re-build the entrance from living room into my office.

So everything is back to normal. And I love it

Never give up.
Even when life gets in the
way and every writing door
seems to be slamming,
never stop writing.
-Diana Anderson-Tyler

Friday, December 30, 2016


Last Wednesday I flew to Sweden. A crazy wonderful trip, the same day.

I left my house 04.00 in the morning, drove to the Stuttgart airport, flew to Dusseldorf changed plane to Copenhagen. Train over to Malmo, Sweden to the train-station. Are you with me?

At a favourite coffee place, I met my wonderful Friend and also my chief editor Madeleine. Amazing, brilliant, smart and loving woman. She inspires me as a woman, mother, person and writer.

When I walked back on the train going home, my thoughts were going through our conversations. I thought to myself, everyone should have a person like her in their lives! 

A very good Friend that is a very important key person to me, and my children's life.

Madeleine is the chief of the Magazine Tidningen Nara and you can read my columns on the their web. 
And, I promised her I would also write for 2017 . 

Something very interesting. See the silver leaf or Angel Feather that I am wearing. 

That was a wonderful Christmas Gift from my nine-year-old son for Christmas. He went to the store in Germany himself and bought the necklace, with his own money. 

Madeleine looks at the silver leaf/feather and says, "Wow, I have the same necklace as you. I bought mine in New York six years ago."

Even if it was  many crazy hours traveling, --and I was home by midnight, --but it was totally worth every minute.

That's Amore!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Children Knows Already the Universal Truth

In raising my children, I've never taught them any specific Religon. I raised them to be polite, truthful, helpful and loving children. To respect People, Animals,
Nature and Life, as most major Western religions in one fashion or another.

I wanted them to find their own truth, their beliefs, not to have me as a parent directing or forcing them. Children are amazing with their brightness, if we only listen to them. Many times we are in hurry, we get frustrated when our child is taking to long explaining about something they dreamt about, or explored in real life.

When my children saw someone being bullied, I wanted them to step in and say NO! (or go quickly and get an Adult.)

And if someone was mean to them, to try their best to understand that it wasn't anything about them. Anger comes from an unhappy heart.

We travel a lot and meet many different kind of people and try to observe their beliefs. Our little town where we live is filled with the inhabitants of many different cultures.

Suddenly, at an age of thinking, reasoning and questioning everything, Olivia and Max became aware of life in a different, more determined way.

We had a small fire in our house, not long ago, and after a year with many"life bumps " my tired mind said in a self pity way (I don't like self pity parties)

"I don't think God loves me!"

I thought I was alone with those words in the room, when I suddenly hear my daughter (11 years-old) say behind me,

"Why wouldn't he, he created you!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Last Sunday we went to listen to the Angels singing.

It was a wonderful funny, different and brilliant play about "Seeing is Believing" a Youth Christmas Play, the joy of seeing and hearing the story of God's Promises fulfilled through the birth of Christ.

This was a fantastic start on Christmas.

When my daughter Olivia is riding out I walk with her. And, what I love about this area, is that in the middle of "no where" you find beautiful Religious Ornaments.

Right at the right place to be, in the peaceful Nature were you can hear your mind and heart speak at the same time. Synchronising!

When you pray you speak to God
When you meditate God speak to you.

That's Amore!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Selfie with the Big Queen of the House

ChaCha a Cane Corso mix, is our rescue dog from Italy,  the Queen of our House. One among 11 other dogs in this house, she is the one with a dominant glamour. She is lovely, but also determine. ChaCha loves life to the fullest and can also tell you when something is not as it should be (in her eyes). 

Even when she and I do selfies, ChaCha pushes me away.

However, for several days have I felt that something was wrong with her, you know.....mother feeling. Something!

Last week I went to the veterinarian with a sick Senior and I brought ChaCha with me. This big dog normally would snarl and snap, like a big Monster. And now we needed to take blood tests.

Muzzle on, and "big strong" people entered the room to assist. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was nice as a lamb!

I asked for many different kind of blood tests, to be able to quickly find out, in what direction we had to look for. The tests costs around 150 euro. --The veterinarian thought she also is over weight, 56 kg! 

ChaCha gets one big cup dry food a it can be from that tiny meal a day! Something!

Three days later the test results came back, and her Thyroid is not working as it should.

Happy Dance. I knew there was something.....and together with a good veterinarian, that trusts your feeling (instinct).....that's what teams should be all about.

ChaCha is now on medication and after a month we are going back for another blood test. But, at least, we are on the right way.